Проект включен в Федеральную космическую программу России (2006-2015)

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Венера-Д » Совещание по выбору мест посадки и обитаемости Венеры (2019) » Workshop Report

This is a report of the 2019 Venera-D Workshop held in IKI, Moscow. It had two themes; Theme I: Potential Landing Sites; and Theme II: Cloud Layer Habitability. 

Twenty-one (21) abstracts were received for the Landing Sites theme of the workshop (2-3 October 2019) and twenty-three (23) for the Cloud Layer Habitability theme (4-5 October 2019) from scientists residing in Russia, US, Japan, UK, Austria, Poland, and India. In addition, Dr. Mary Voytek (NASA HQ Astrobiology Program Scientist) and Dr. Adriana Ocampo (NASA HQ Venus Lead) also attended. Two presentations were made remotely via video and all presentations were recorded. A team of six scribes (shepherded by Dr. K.-L. Jessup) took detailed notes for each presentation and the distillation of their notes makes up this report. 

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