Russian Federal Space Program (2006-2015)

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RSS Почему Венера?Why Venus?

Venera-D » Why Venus?

Venus is a closest planet to Earth.

Venus is similar to Earth. Venus is  a sister-planet of similar size, density and the solar energy input.

Being formed at about the same conditions from the protoplanet disc why did these two planets evolve in such a different way?

These two planets are extremely different by physical conditions by still unknown reason: a comfort conditions for the life on Earth and hostile conditions on Venus, which have a high surface temperature (470°C), supported by enormous greenhouse effect in the CO2 atmosphere with P=92 bar on the surface 

Where is the Venusian water? (3 cm integrated abundance on Venus against 3 km on the Earth)

By these reasons, and also due to global warming which treats our planet, Venus investigations have a special role for understanding the possible ways of future evolution of Earth’ climate. 

Can Venus be considered as the destiny of Earth?