Russian Federal Space Program (2006-2015)

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Venera-D » Overview


The aim of the mission Venera-d is investigation of the surface, atmosphere and plasma environment of Venus to understand the formation and evolution of the planet and its atmosphere.

Venus was actively studied by Soviet and US missions in 60-80-th years of the last century. The investigations carried out both from the orbit and in situ were highly successful. After a 15-years break in space research of Venus, the ESA Venus Express mission, launched in 2005, successfully continues its work on orbit around Venus. In 2016  the Japanese Climate Orbiter (Planet-C) mission is planned to be installed on the orbit around Venus. However, many questions concerning the structure and evolutions of the planet Venus, which are the key questions of comparative planetology and very essential for understanding the evolution of the terrestrial climate, cannot be solved by observations only from orbit.

The conception of the mission includes the lander, orbiter and subsatelite and long living station on the surface.

Conseption of the mission

Elements of Venera-D mission (current, 2013)

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