Russian Federal Space Program (2006-2015)

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RSS Поверхность и ее взаимодействие с атмосферойThe surface and its interaction with the atmosphere

Venera-D » Science » The surface and its interaction with the atmosphere

There is no a whole picture about a degree of the differentiation of the planet  and а nature of  its crust because of  statistically very poor information about chemical composition of   rocks. So, it’s  very important:

-          a realizing  detailed chemical analyses of  the soil and determine both a concentration of main rock-forming  elements  and scattered microelements and ferruginous minerals;

-          a receiving  images of structure’s details of  the most old geological  formation on the surface (tesserae and its related details);

-          an attempting  to find  ancient  traces of plate  tectonics;

-          a studying of an elemental composition of  the surface material, including radioactive isotopes ;

-           a searching  for occurrence of a modern volcanic and seismic activity