Russian Federal Space Program (2006-2015)

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RSS Посадочный аппаратLander

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Experiments on the Lander

Experiments on the lander

Scientific Goals
Gamma-spectrometer AGNESSA: Active Gamma and Neutron Spectrometric Soil Analysis.Investigation of soil composition in the landing site down to about 1 meter of subsurface. Natural radioisotopes K, Th, U
GC-MSChemical composision of the atmosphere and aerosol, including noble gases and isotopes. Elemental and mineralogical analysis of the soil sample
Nephelometer, particle counter


Microphysical properties of the clouds

Particle sizes distribution

Optical complexRadiation balance
Wave packageElectromagnetic emission
Seismic measurementsAmplitude & frequency of seismic waves fields & signals, seismic emission
MeteoDimanics, structure. P,T,W
TV- complexImaging during descent  and after landing