Russian Federal Space Program (2006-2015)

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RSS Орбитальный аппаратOrbiter

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Experiments on the orbiter

Experiments on the orbiterScientific goals
Solar and star occultation exp UV (0.1-0.3 μm) and IR (2-4μm )Vert. structure and composition of atm and  a high haze (70-160 км)
MM-sounder λ =3-10 ммН=20-60 km, H2SO4, SO2, temperature, dynamics 
Spectrometer-Interferometer PFS-VD λ= 1-40 μm, (v=10000-250 см-1) Δv= 1 cm -1Н=0-100 км. Temperature, dynamics, composition, airglow emissions, surface
UV-mapping spectrometer λ = 0.2-0.5μm, Δ λ =0.0004 μm FOV - 5.7°, IFOV – 2 mradUV-absorber (0.32- 0.45 μm), SO2, SO, small-scale dynamics, night airglows
IR-mapping spectrometer λ = 0.3-5.2 μm, Δ λ= 2.4 nmН= 0 -100 km, composition, structure, dynamics, surface
Multispectral monitoring cameraDynamics in the region of the upper border of cloud layer
Radio science 1.L and X range/ 2.UHF -two orbiters1. Structure of the atmosphere and ionosphere (40-95km), surface

2. Between 2 orbiters

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